Flock Focus Friday 10/31/14

I can’t recall a time when autumn colors remained on the trees as long as they have this year. I took full advantage of the opportunity to get out there and take some photos. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites this week. Happy Halloween!

My autumn coops.
Sylvio, Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel
Buelah, Buff Orpington hen
Doc Brown, White Crested Black Polish hen
Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hens Calista Flockheart & Ally McBeak.
Blaze, Black Copper Marans rooster. 
Margarita, Black White Faced Spanish pullet.

Of course its Monday this aint my Friday face
There is too much blood in my caffeine system
The fact that my eyes are open is not evidence that I am awake Need More Coffee
Rachel Divider