Homemade Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

Homemade Hand Sanitizer and Wipes
With flu activity widespread in every part of the continental United States right now, I send my Little Chicken Chicks off to elementary school daily hoping they don’t bring home anything besides homework. We’ve had our flu shots and practice frequent hand-washing, but with the seriousness of this year’s flu strain, we’re doubling-down on cootie-killing with hand sanitizer. Every car, backpack, purse and lunchbox we own has hand sanitizer packed in it, but with the volume and rate we’re going through the stuff, I figured making the more would be wise. With just two inexpensive ingredients, it’s super economical and easy to make. Ready to make some with me? Let’s do it!


4 cups (32 oz bottle) 70% isopropyl alcohol
4 teaspoons Glycerin
Travel size containers of your choice
Label maker (totally optional, but who doesn’t need a label maker? They’re fun for the whole family! This is the one I use.)
Homemade Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

    1. Pour isopropyl alcohol into a bowl, add glycerin and mix well.
    2. Using a funnel, pour sanitizer into bottles of your choice.
    3. Clearly label bottles.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer and WipesHomemade Hand Sanitizer and WipesTO USE: Wet both hands completely with sanitizer and rub hands together vigorously until alcohol has evaporated fully.
I had so much left over after filling the travel sized bottles, I made 2 batches of hand sanitizer wipes with it!


Excess sanitizer from recipe above
Container with lid at least 6″ tall & 6″ wide
One gallon sized zip-top bag
A serrated bread knife (Ginsu is my go-to!)
High quality paper towels (don’t go with a bargain brand for this purpose)
Homemade Hand Sanitizer and WipesHomemade Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

    1. Cut paper towel roll in half with serrated knife.
    2. Stuff half of cut roll in dedicated container. Don’t worry if it seems like it doesn’t fit- it will!
    3. Place second half of cut roll in zip-top bag.
    4. Pour half of sanitizer mixture over paper towels in container and half into zip-top bag.
    5. Wait a moment for the cardboard roll to become pliable then remove it.
    6. Removing the cardboard roll will bring the first few paper towels from the center of the roll up, but I find it easier to use the wipes from the outside of the roll first.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer and WipesPress paper towels down into container if necessary & seal. Label containers. I used Contact-paper chalkboard shelf liner to label the container, but a permanent marker will do the trick too.

Separate a few segments of paper towels, fold and seal in a small zip-top bag for a handy purse pack!

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David Hansen
David Hansen

I over research everything, before I dive in. So that is exactly what I am doing before becoming a Chicken Keeper. You are the best resource so far. Thanks for that!

Pam Montgomery
Pam Montgomery

Thank you for the chance to win.

Lisa Rashley
Lisa Rashley

Excellent… I hope you did not bring back cooties…. Can wait until the new eggs are in the bator!!!!


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