Eggshell Bouquets-A Symbolic Mother’s Day Gift

On Mother’s Day 2005, my life and perspective on life was changed forever when my first daughter was born. Not unlike other expectant parents, we eagerly anticipated Sophia’s arrival; having suffered a crushing miscarriage the year before, I had gained a perspective on the fragility of life and an appreciation for the miracle of birth that I would not otherwise have had. That my daughter chose Mother’s Day to make her entrance into the world is a poignant reminder to me of the true meaning of the holiday every year.

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May 8, 2005

Most of my life I had thought of Mother’s Day as a day to honor mothers, but with Sophia’s birth, I came to view it as a celebration of new life and the gift of children. We planted a tree in 2005 to commemorate Sophia’s arrival and as a way to reflect on their growth together.

I suspect the symbolism of celebrating lives with other living things is at the heart of why we give our mothers flowers and plants on Mother’s Day. It is in that spirit that I am making Eggshell Bouquets for Mother’s Day this year.The egg itself, being a symbol of life and rebirth, I can think of no more appropriate a gift to give than an Eggshell Bouquet on Mother’s Day.



Empty eggshells
Potting soil
egg carton
potted flowers


I use blown eggs to make the flower pots, but any empty shell will work as long as a hole is made on the bottom. A heavy knife crack the blown egg in half helps get a cleaner cut but jagged shells are pretty too. Small shards of shell line the bottom for drainage. A few teaspoons of potting soil are added into the eggshell.

Flowers are separated from the pack, retaining the root ball.

Flowers are inserted into the eggshell, more potting soil & watered.

Eggshell is rinsed before placing into egg carton.

To plant the flowers, crush the shell gently and plant it in the ground. The shell serves as a natural fertilizer.

Happy Mother’s Day!
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10 years ago

Love the eggshell idea! For mothers day I am going to give her a little something special and take her out to dinner at her favorite restuarant. I am also going to celebrate my Basset Hound Rufus' birthday on mothers day! Gonna give him a lot of treats and new toys 🙂

Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick™
Reply to  Makenna

Thanks Makenna. I take it Rufus is your baby? 😉

10 years ago

Wonderful gift idea. I will have to wait till next year to use my own egg shells since my chicks are only 5 weeks old. 🙂
Not sure what's up for my Mothers Day celebration. Usually we do a waffle brunch but this year we have a graduation to attend…yes, on Mothers Day, but it is all good since it is for one of my our children graduating from Tech school with a degree in Law Enforcement. Exciting! He is an MP in the Army, so this fits him.:)

Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick™
Reply to  Eggladyack

Your chicks will get there before you know it! Enjoy your day on Sunday!

10 years ago

Planning to spend time with both my mother and mother in law, probably dinner and just a good time. Love the eggshell idea!!

Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick™
Reply to  Miranda

Thanks Miranda. Happy Mother's Day. 🙂

10 years ago

No exciting plans this mothers day. All my kids live across the country from me and I live at the southern eastern seaboard & my mom at the northern. I LOVE the pansies in the eggs, CUTE!

Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick™
Reply to  Hollyros

Happy Mother's Day, Holly!

bonbon momma
10 years ago

My mother's day plans include spending time with my child and my mom! I am looking forward to celebrating being a mom! The eggshell idea is awesome!

Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick™
Reply to  bonbon momma

Is this your first Mother's Day? Happy Mother's Day to you!