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Kathy Czesnakowicz
Kathy Czesnakowicz
4 years ago

Your video of treating Beulah likely saved the life of Duchess, our Speckled Sussex, who was attacked by an unknown predator but survived and returned home the day after the attack. She sustained 3 significant punctures/tears which I have been treating daily with Vetericyn. Had it not been for your instruction and treatment recommendations I would have thought her injuries to severe and euthanized her. Instead, she well on her way to recovery. Thank you!!!!

wendi Mento
wendi Mento
4 years ago

i have a blue egg layer with scissor beak. She still can eat her food but i supplement with wet cornmeal, cheese , scrambled egg and watermelon or squeeze a tomato for her twice a day. She is 9 wks old. It is SO sad to see her struggle.
Question- While she is still growing, is this going to get worse for her?

Kathy, The Chicken Chick®
Reply to  wendi Mento

It is a mistake to feed her anything other than her starter feed. You can wet her starter feed, making it easier for her to ingest if necessary, but by offering her cornmeal, cheese, etc, you are diluting the complete nutrition in the starter feed that she needs. She cannot grow properly or support her immune system without each of the 38 nutrients in her starter feed.
Her scissor beak is likely to get worse. This article may help you:

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