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cake icing pro tip

I was CRAZY BUSY this week; my big sister got married yesterday and her groom had asked me to make their cake. He wanted a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and chocolate frosting, but she neg’d the chocolate frosting. He did get the chocolate cake and raspberry mousse filling though.

I’m going to blog more about the cake soon(ish), but want to share one tip that I found on Pinterest this week that makes ordinary buttercream frosting look a lot like fondant. It could not be any easier!

After icing has dried slightly, use a Viva paper towel, (with no funny waffling, texture or designs) and simply use your hand or an offset spatula to smooth the icing. Worked like a CHARM!

Congratulations to my sister and her new husband!

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7 years ago

Lucky you! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!

Joyce Wheeler
Joyce Wheeler
7 years ago

Thanks for visiting and following "It's Your Life", and the invite to join this great blog hop!! I'm now following back, a lot of great stuff here, thanks for hosting.

7 years ago

Thank you for hosting! I also appreciate the invitation to link to your web hop! I posted a link on my blog back to yours so that my readers can find you. Thanks again for reading my blog and making me feel welcome on yours!

jessica Christiansen AvIla

Awesome cake! I would totally be grateful to try the soap!