Christmas 2012

Doc Brown on Christmas Eve
Santa has left the building

My final Christmas preparations were made with a heavy heart as I was constantly mindful of the children in Sandy Hook who would never see Christmas morning and their families whose lives were senselessly shattered on December 14th. One of my brothers read a beautiful blessing that he wrote for Christmas dinner, giving voice to our shared sorrow and offering hope in our faith. The following is an excerpt from that prayer:

Jesus entered the world in a stable
to save & to love; we gather at His table.
We now remember 26 dearly departed
and the weight of sorrow this darkness has started.

Our tears and prayers for families that weep,
consoled in faith, in Christ’s arms their angels sleep.

Forgiveness, kindness, love and more,
His gifts to us, which will heal and endure.

Christ’s birth reminds us of the blessings that await
as His love for us continues at His heavenly gate.
~Michael Shea

Christmas morning, we awoke to a light blanket of snow
They made it to Santa’s Nice List
The ‘star’ on top of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in front of the coop
A pip from the incubator Christmas night!
Our dinner table at the end of the night.
Luminaries on the front porch.

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8 years ago

Aren't you sweet, Anne, thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! ♥

Marci Vaughn
Marci Vaughn
8 years ago

What a beautiful poem!  Thank you for sharing it.  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Anne Berbling
Anne Berbling
8 years ago

Dear Kathy,
Just stopped by to say "hope you had a Merry Christmas", and to wish you a fabulous 2013! Oh, how I wish I could have chickens (in town, city ordinance) ~ sigh…maybe someday (I have a Pinterest "board" called "Chicken Wishin')
Anne & the Kitties 🙂

Tracy Joyner
Tracy Joyner
8 years ago

I love your photos and those beautiful chicks!

TracyAnn from and

Garrett W. Martin
8 years ago

your tree looks great. Are those stockings for the chickens? If so that is awesome! 

 Happy Holidays!
Garrett @TheGrowingPatch